EndPoint Detection & Response: What Is It and How Can It Help to Keep Your Organization Safe?

female IT engineer working in network server room detecting and responding to cybersecurity needs

So far in 2022, the average data breach cost to companies is over $4 million. In an age when so many confidential or sensitive files are stored in digital form, even a small breach in security can lead to disastrous consequences. Protecting your company’s computer network and devices from intruders has never been more important than it is today. 

Having a robust security system, one that can detect and respond to any attempt to penetrate the network, is becoming increasingly essential for businesses to keep cyber criminals at bay. Endpoint detection & response (EDR) is one such security solution that is designed to do just that.

What is Endpoint Detection & Response?

In a nutshell, it’s a security measure that helps to identify, contain, and eliminate any malicious activity on a company’s network. Endpoint Detection & Response solutions are typically deployed as software or cloud-based services. These solutions are gaining popularity within businesses, and the market value for EDR is expected to increase in growth by $944 million.

Endpoint Response solutions constantly monitor the network for any suspicious activity, and if any is detected, they’ll take appropriate action to neutralize the threat. This might involve anything from quarantining the affected device, to blocking the offending IP address.

How Does Endpoint Detection & Response Work?

EDR operates by analyzing data from multiple sources, including firewalls, routers, and intrusion detection systems. This data is then fed into an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can identify patterns of behavior that may indicate an attempted breach. Once a potential threat has been identified, it will take action to contain it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Endpoint Detection & Response?

EDR uses strengthened security measures to provide enhanced protection to companies who adopt it as part of their cybersecurity system. There are many benefits to using this specific security solution, including:

Improved Security

The advanced security measures are constantly monitoring the network for any suspicious activity, preventing cyber criminals from penetrating the system.

Early Detection of Threats 

By analyzing data from multiple sources, EDR solutions can identify potential threats much earlier than traditional security measures.

Quick Response

Because EDR systems are automated, they’re able to respond to any threat much faster than a human could.

Reduced Costs 

By preventing data breaches and quickly responding to any attempted attacks, this resource can help to reduce the overall cost of security for a company.

Full Send Networks Can Keep Your Business Protected from Cyber Attacks

Endpoint Detection & Response is a vital part of any comprehensive security solution. If you’re not already using this technology, now is the time to consider doing so. It could make a difference in protecting your business from a costly and reputation-damaging data breach. 

Full Send Networks has a team of experts with the skills and knowledge necessary to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals, keeping your data and confidential information protected. For more information on EDR solutions and how increased cybersecurity can benefit your organization, contact us today!